Workshop on the Blue Economy and Gender Equality


Nov 2023




Nov 2023



Timezone: GMT+01:00

The “WINBLUE- Empowering Women and Mainstreaming Gender Equality in the Blue Economy” project is organising the workshop to build a co-ordination process with the WIN-BIG Empowering Women in the Blue Economy” project (selected under the same EMFAF call “Women in the Blue Economy”) and triggering a collaboration process with other International, European, national, and regional initiatives. The workshop aims to: 

  • exchanging experiences, and knowledge, and discussing the challenges related to Gender Equality, in particular focusing on the blue economy, 

  • identifying a set of joint actions and defining a common plan to be implemented for:

    • ensuring the availability of data on GE in the blue economy sectors,

    • sharing online courses and materials on GE in the blue economy sectors, 

    • sharing good practices, organising joint participation in local, national and European events, 

    • activating a mutual learning process among the participants, aiming to establish a collaboration for co-organising activities and events. 

The process triggered by this workshop will facilitate planning the future collaboration process.

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